Who is CODO?

CODO stands for Community Orientated Development Organization. We have near twenty years of experiences working alongside poor communities in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Urban poor communities can often be places of violence, oppression, poor sanitation and lack of opportunities for poor children to access school services. (website: www.codocambodia.org)

  • Vision

  • To see urban communities care for themselves and for others.

  • Mission

  • We are working with vulnerable urban families and communities in order for them to have capacity and hope to live well and safely.

  • Core Values

  • 1- We are Christian

    2- We partner with others and value team work

    3- We are committed to serve the poor

    4- We value people regardless of race religion, gender, sexual orientation and age.

    5- We are transparent and accountable.


Community Orientated Development Organization (CODO) is established in 1998 with the 4 female staffs, 1 expert advisor and registered legally with Ministry of Interior in 2000.CODO started its activity through the implementation of Savings and Credit Program with the poor women in 16 poor communities in 6 different communes of Mean Chey District of Phnom Penh City in Cambodia. 


From May 2006, CODO initiate a new program to focus on different sectors of community development to respond to the basic needs of the poor families who are living in 3 villages of Steung Mean Chey Commune, Mean Chey District of Phnom Penh City.  Name of the program is Community Education to Reduce Poverty (CERP Program) that started from July 2006 in 3 different projects of Gender Promotion and Primary Health Care Education Project, Early Childhood Education/Pre-school Project and Savings/Self-Help-Group Project.


In Jun to Dec 2015, CODO is a Christian Organization established to be part of contribution for decreasing poverty in Cambodia especially in urban communities. CODO focuses on Urban Holistic Sustainable Development Program in the urban poor communities in promoting "Basic Health Care, Early Childhood Education (Community based preschool), Livelihood and Vocational Capacity, Social Safety-Net, New Hope Project (Drug Rehabilitaion) and Church Partnership Project".


CODO is strongly committed to empowering the communities we work within to take responsibility for their ongoing development into healthy and peaceful communities. We consider sustainability in the design of our programs and interaction with target communities with the measure being increased resilience and capacity, rather than purely a limit on financial input from CODO.